Do as you like

Things to do in Gambia include activities like birding, fishing and yoga. We understand you won’t want to leave once you're here, but take our word for it: a walk of only 20 minutes away you’ll find an unspoilt deserted sandy beach and the thriving local village of Gunjur.

Whether you want to stay in or wander far, relax, be creative, stay fit, spot birds or go sightseeing, Footsteps is sure to provide lots of things to do and all of them benefit the local community as much as possible.

Map of Footsteps location and nearby points of interest

Nearby points of interest:

  1. Abuko nature reserve (25 km from Footsteps)
  2. Brufut woods (19 km from Footsteps)
  3. Camel safari (17 km from Footsteps)
  4. Tanji museum (15 km from Footsteps)
  5. Tungbung art village (15 km from Footsteps)
  1. Rainbow Beach Bar: wrestling on Sundays (4 km from Footsteps)
  2. Gunjur fishing centre (4 km from Footsteps)
  3. Lemonfish art gallery (18 km from Footsteps)
  4. Reptile centre / Bird observatory (15 km from Footsteps)
  5. Airport (28 km from Footsteps, around 45 minutes by taxi)

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Pack your walking shoes and binoculars to see the hundreds of species that live in Gambia.


Be in the right place at the right time and grab your camera to focus on Gambia though a lens.


Holiday like a local and discover Gambia's cultural and historic hidden treasures.


Catch more than a golden tan on our fishing days and have your catch cooked for you back at the lodge.

Cycling, walking & sports

Energize your holiday, everything the active traveller needs.

Nature & Wildlife

Get up close and personal with Gambia's beautiful flora and fauna.


Help local people by simply enjoying yourself.


Slow down & refuel your body and mind, because you deserve it…

Tailor made

You can book these activities in advance or when you are here. Can't find what you are looking for? Don't worry. The options are too numerous to include them all on our website and all trips can be tailored to your specific wishes.

Mix and match

Most activities fit into more than one category, so you can be relaxing by the naturally filtered fresh water pool while birding. Sightseeing while cycling. Enjoying the beach while fishing. You can even go birding while playing a game of golf!

Guided or not?

Most activities going out include a guide. We advise you take a guide with you so you can get the most out of your trip. There are tours you can do without a guide and when in doubt we will gladly advise you.

Like a local?

Most activities going out include a private taxi, though some trips can be done by bush taxi. Depending on the route you can use this local means of transport. If available, the price mentioned includes the bush taxi instead of a private taxi.


Birding and fishing can be prepaid while booking your stay through our website, but all of our activities can also be prepaid after you have booked by contacting David.

Check out some of the possibilities below and let the filters help you find what you are looking for.