Sustainable Tourism at Footsteps

Our peace of mind promise:

We ensure YOU get the holiday you deserve while making sure the LOCALS receive what they deserve.

We promise you:

We produce 100% sustainable energy ourselves without noisy generators. Footsteps operates entirely on solar power. We only use energy efficient products.

All prices are fair and reflect sustainable working conditions and fair terms of trade for local farmers and workers.

Footsteps employs only from the local village and we buy local too. This guarantees everyone receives a fair deal and that your holiday really makes a difference to the local economy.

Composting toilets are fitted in each room and are completely odourless. They eventually replenish our soil along with the organic recycled kitchen resource. All lodge resource is recycled on site.

Each member of staff receives accredited training, fair pay and a non contributory pension. They also receive life cover, sick pay and up to 21 days holiday each year.

The lodge has solar water heating in the guest rooms and kitchen. The water from the showers and wash basins are fed through grey water recycling . This provides all the water for garden irrigation and great vegetables.

All staff can plan for their futures. We offer small saving plans and a micro loan system for those unexpected emergencies such as roof repair .

The domed roundhouses have fruiting trees and bushes positioned around them giving shade. This means the bedrooms are cool by intelligent design . Solar powered fans are available .

All fresh produce is grown at Footsteps or sourced locally without the use of pesticides. All meats, fish and shellfish used in our restaurant are sourced locally and are of the very highest standard.

Mission Statement

Footsteps Eco-Lodge is dedicated to improve The Gambia's trade in responsible tourism and thereby encourage sustainable employment within The Gambia.

We will encourage greater numbers of tourists to visit The Gambia. This will be achieved while encouraging others to improve the ecology of the country.

Our building, employment and operational strategy will adhere to a policy of being 'Good, Honest and True'.

We will educate other tourist-based businesses on how they can reduce the ecological impact of their trade on the delicate ecosystem of The Gambia. This enables those businesses benefiting from that trade to pass on the message and lessons learnt. This will encourage others to act in the same responsible manner.

To sustain the above policy, our lodge:

  • is fitted throughout with composting toilets
  • has a grey water filtration system
  • utilizes solar and wind generated power and other such ecologically sound practises.

We help our guests to enjoy the benefits of an ecologically responsible location by using local Gambian employees. Each employee receives relevant training, fair pay, medical assistance and the opportunity for advancement.

Industry Involvement

We work closely with The Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia and The Gambia School of Business Management. We encourage future generations to embrace and understand the need for sustainable, profitable and socially responsible tourism.

We support local schools, business initiatives, and educational programs dealing with clean water supplies.

These include:

  • The Niaforang project
  • The Gunjur Upper Basic School
  • The Gunjur Museum Project
  • The Abubacar Sidique Foundation for Orphan Welfare.

You can help too! Just ask us about community activity during your holiday. Or have a look around online. There are several charitable organisations working in the area.

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